Dr. Alice is a trained Energy Psychologist. 

Dr. Vieira is a Professional Kinesiology Practitioner who employs a family of healing methods that blend contemporary psychology and ancient healing traditions to provide relief from mind-body distress. She is a part of an entire body of practitioners in Energy Psychology who employ a family of mind-body therapies and self-help techniques. She believes there can be disruptions in the body's natural energy flow  that runs through and around a body. These disruptions can be the cause of emotional distress, negative thinking and unwanted behaviors.

             Energy Psychology methods include working with the human energy system using meridians, acupoints and chakras. Dr. Vieira is trained in and teaches such energy techniques as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Educational Kinesiology (EduK) and Touch For Health (TFH). By working with the whole person and allowing the body's own responses to dictate the process, these techniques simply stimulate the body's remarkable capacity to heal itself. The results are profoundly effective and can include:


relief of pain, identification of allergies, release of stress, better coordination, postural improvement, reduction of tension, enhancement of brain function and increased energy.


            In the case of Touch for Health, Dr. Vieira uses muscle testing to allow her to identify energy blocks and imbalances. Reflex and acupressure points together with specialized massage techniques release the blocks and restore balance. The instinctive responses communicated through specific muscles enables her to identify individual needs and blockages. The techniques in Touch for Health employ touching in a non invasive way with the use of muscle testing, the massage of neuolymphatic points, touching of neurovascular points, tapping or running her hand just above the  body where the meridians are located.  Muscle testing allows energy imbalances to be detected and corrected by applying pressure  and tapping specific body points (similar to acupuncture



When appropriate, and according to my clinical judgment, Dr. Vieira may suggest some  kinesiology techniques in her work with you. Obviously, there are also many non-somatic focused forms of psychotherapy and counseling that you can choose from.  Dr. Vieira's own education and training in specialized kinesiology includes


Educational Kinesiology with Paul Dennisen

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) with Roger Callahan, then Gary Craig

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitizing and Reprocessing) with Francine Shapiro

Hypertonics with Frank Mahoney

Polarity Therapy with Mary Louise Mueller

Professional Kinesiology Practitioner Trainiing 1-4 with Bruce Dewe, M.D.

Stress without Distress with Wayne Topping, Ph.D.

Three in Concepts Series including Basic One Brain, Under the Code, Advanced One Brain, Louder than Words, Structural Neurology with Gordon Stokes and Daniel Whiteside


Total Body Modification 1 with Victor Frank, D.C. for harmonizing allergies


Touch For Health 1-4 with Rosemarie Balinski, then John Thie, D.C., Matthew Thie 

Touch For Health Instructor Training with Gordon Stokes

Touch for Health Instructor since 1980


            As a trained Energy Psychologist she will suggest a technique that she believes will enhance your therapy. She will explain the technique and it is your responsibility to tell her if you are or are not interested or if using the technique are uncomfortable with any part of the technique.  If you have any questions about the techniques, please ask and she will do her best to answer your questions in full. You have the right to refuse or stop the process at any time, or to refuse touch, muscle testing techniques, or any other intervention she may propose or employ.


For more information about mind-body please note the following references:


- (free Gary Craig download of technique)



- (Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology  - ACEP)


-        Touch For Health - A Practical Guide to Natural Health With Acupressure Touch (1973, 1978, 1982, 1986, 2005) DeVorss Publications, Camarillo, C

       by John Thie, D.C. and Matthew This, M.Ed.

-     Energy Medicine b Donna Eden (1998) Jeremy P. Tarcherf/Putman, New York

-     Edu-K for Kids by Paul and Gail Dennisen


      Working with the energy in our bodies reveals our inner truth through the body's inner wisdom and deep knowledge.

      Dr. Alice believes in a wholistic approach to health in which the the body has an inherent ability to heal itself by reestablishing an unobstructed flow of energy through meridian pathways. Her philosophy is preventive in nature and she views the body as a reflection of the natural world. The Chi (qi) of "life force energy," is the intangible force that animates life and enlivens all activity. Wellness is a function of a balanced, harmonious flow of Chi and illness or diseases the result of disturbances in the flow of Chi.

      An alternative form of therapy is Energy Psychology in which Dr. Vieira is also trained. She is also trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), and incorporates Energy Psychology, including Emotional Self Management (ESM) into her work. The latest technique she is using extensively with her clients is Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). Dr. Vieira advocates the use of EFT at home and teaches her clients how to use this valuable tool.

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